Åsen meat boxes

In Åsens By we produce beef and lamb on a small scale and with great care. The animals are raised slowly and in a natural environment, in large, hilly pastures eating only unsprayed grass to produce a flavourful herb-seasoned meat of the highest quality. The meat is sold in boxes, as prepared meat products in Handelsboden and prepared meals at Åsens Skafferi & Servering.

Pre-book your naturally grazed meat box

We usually sell boxes of beef and lamb twice a year, in spring and autumn. The meat is vacuum-packed and labelled and can be collected from us on a specified day. To pre-book your meat box, please contact us on +46(0) 36-830 55 or via email at info@asensby.com

Åsen’s native breeds

The animals in Åsens By are an important feature of the village and are all old native Swedish breeds that are all more or less endangered today. The herds are relatively small, and the large and hilly pastures let the animals live and grow in a natural environment. They keep the landscape open, provide natural fertiliser for farming and are a source of happiness for visitors.