Farm museum and exhibitions

The Farm Museum, Tekla’s House and the warehouse exhibitions are all equally exciting for young and old visitors. Here you can learn about Sweden’s history in an authentic setting and see the traces of the village’s former inhabitants. All the exhibitions are open all year round and admission is free.

Farm museum

The farm museum is located at Södergårdens Loge, where you will find utility goods from the village. There are descriptions for each exhibit and downstairs there is a play area for the village’s youngest visitors.

Tekla’s House

Tekla’s House has been restored to its former condition, as it would have been in 1989 when Tekla left it, with no electricity or water, and with period furnishings. Take a step inside and travel back in time.en.

Current exhibitions

The warehouse in Tekla’s garden hosts various exhibitions. Right now you can enjoy and learn through the photo exhibition ‘Horses at work in Åsens By’ and the exhibition ‘Butterflies in Åsens By’.