Picnic hampers

There is plenty of space to have a picnic in the pastures and gardens around Åsen. Pre-order a picnic hamper or put together your own from what is on offer at Åsens Skafferi & Servering.  

Small hamper
Homemade buns and biscuits. Coffee/tea or juice. 

Medium hamper
Open sandwich on ‘hålkaka’ (bread with a hole in the middle) with cheese and garnish, biscuits and coffee/tea or juice. 

Large hamper
Åsen sandwich with smoked meat from our Swedish red polled cows or salmon from Sjöarp smokehouse with green garnish. 

Pre-book your picnic hamper on +46(0) 36-830 55 or at info@asensby.com 

We offer picnic hampers during regular opening hours and for pre-booked horse and cart tours. Please remember to inform us of any allergies or special dietary requirements!