The land, animals and food

Småland’s culinary heritage is characterised by health and simplicity with a focus on produce. Here in Åsen, the menu is guided by the seasons and availability just as it was in the past, long before terms such as local produce and sustainability became buzzwords.

As in the past, we primarily use produce we grow ourselves and barter for what we need from nearby farms and small-scale food producers (nowadays we use money so as not to offend). We only use meat from our own naturally grazing native breeds, milk is sourced from a nearby farm in Högstorp, berries and vegetables come from the lush Vätterbrantern and our flour, which is ground in an old stone mill, is made from Swedish grain and contains no additives. Other ingredients are purchased with the utmost care and consideration for our environment and health.

Sustainable produce

If you would also like to shop sustainably and at the same time support a thriving countryside, we have gathered our local partners here. You can buy some of their products in our shop and many have their own farm shops or sell their produce through retailers.

Åsens by: Depending on the harvest and season, we use cereals, potatoes, carrots, apples, rhubarb, honey, eggs and herbs. We only use lamb and beef from the farm’s naturally grazing native breeds. Depending on the season, you can buy raw produce and prepared products to take home and order our meat boxes.

Prästgårdens mejeri (dairies)

Bakelit (sourdough bread)

Jularps gårds (mustard)

Lelles odling (carrots) Lelles odling at Facebook

Orga kvarn (flour) 

Vrigstad hemost (cheese)

Ravelsmark gård (vegetables)

Rudenstams bär och frukt (fruits and berries)

Vistakulle fruktodling (fruits and berries)

MM i Tranås (eggs)

Sjöarps Rökeri (smoked salmon)

Grannskörden (apple juice)