Åsens By for children

In Åsens By there is plenty of room for little ones who are full of energy. The play areas in the village are open all year round; while we sometimes close in bad weather they are always left unlocked. Peek through the doors to a bygone era and let your imagination run wild.

Play barn

Looking after animals is both hard and tiring, and in the old days children had to help out wherever they could. In the Södergården play barn there are wooden animals that need to be taken care of. Please help us bring in water, muck out the cows, feed the pigs, groom the horses and sweep the passages.


Let your imagination run wild at Leket. Here you’ll find Åsen’s little shop, a stove with pots and ladles and a table with stools. Outside are hobby horses, chickens and a rooster (!) as well as stilts for short and tall.

Auntie Tekla’s baking day

When Auntie Tekla went to bake, she found that all manner of things had disappeared from her kitchen. Was the House Mouse on the move or had she just forgotten where she put everything… Can you help her look? Use the link below to get a list of Auntie Tekla’s missing things (why not print it out and bring it with you!) or take one from the red letterboxes at Handelsboden or Undantaget.

Adventures in Åsen’s surrounds

Utsikten (The View), the village’s highest point, is a short but exciting hike away. Follow Utmarksleden trail to find Åsen’s nature station where you can enjoy birdwatching (remember to bring binoculars!) or a barbecue overlooking Lake Ruppen. More barbecue places can be found by Timmerstugorna and Tuta spring.

The village animals

The farm animals only live in the village during the summer months. Cows, sheep and horses graze in the pastures, meadows and around the farm, and in the heart of the village there are rabbits, chickens and pigs. The animals are old native Swedish breeds, and here they live as on a real farm. The paddocks are large and hilly and are moved around depending on where there is grass to eat and can sometimes be difficult to spot.

Please remember to show respect for the animals. Keep your distance and do not touch the animals without a keeper present. Wash your hands before and after petting the animals – for their health and yours.

Keep an eye on the children!

Driving is not allowed in the reserve, but please remember that Åsens By is a working farm. Those who work here operate farm machinery, work with tools and herd animals that may react out of fear or irritation. Feel free to let children run free, but keep them under supervision!

Upcoming events

Throughout the year, various activities are organised for young and old. Celebrate a traditional Midsummer, join the animal keeper or go on a thrilling tour of the village on the annual haunted evening in autumn.