A leisurely breakfast

After a morning cup of coffee, the walk follows pastures and fields accompanied by birdsong and the buzzing of bees. We will tend to and feed the rabbits, sheep, cows and pigs and collect eggs from the chickens. Then it’s finally time for a lovely, farm breakfast with produce sourced from Åsen and Småland.

Life in the village at the turn of the century was arduous and tiring but rarely stressful in the way we often experience today. Instead, people adapted to the rhythm of the seasons, the length of the days and the needs of the animals. Here you can start your day just as the people in Åsen used to, with morning chores and animal care followed by a hearty breakfast prepared in the open air with bread, butter, eggs and honey sourced from Åsen. A lovely breakfast that offers a taste of times gone by and the opportunity for togetherness, tranquillity and reflection – at your leisure.

Book a breakfast to remember

You can book a leisurely breakfast on weekdays from 1 June to 15 September. You must book at least 5 days before arrival. Guided tours are given in English or Swedish. The tour starts at 7:45 am and lasts about 3 hours.

Price: SEK 385/person (children 3-12 SEK 250). Max 10 persons, min. cost SEK 2000

Welcome to book on +46(0) 36-830 55 or at info@asensby.com