Slow breakfast at Åsens by

Experience what a small village in Småland, with its farms, many red cottages, and beautiful landscape, looked like in the turn of the 1900s. Join us as we do the morning chores on an ordinary, yet extra lovely morning, in the village Åsen By.

We wake up early in the morning to softly start the day with farming and feeding animals. As morning turns into day, we are accompanied by nature’s own music. It is sheep bleating on wild meadows, hens happy cackling and the lovely hum of bees. If you are a morning person or not doesn’t matter. At Åsen, every morning is peaceful.

As we do the morning chores, we combine feeding animals with collecting ingredients for our own
breakfast. Along the morning route, we feed rabbits and pigs, collect eggs from the chickens and visit the cows in the pastures. When all the animals are fed, it is your turn to enjoy the most important meal of the day — breakfast.

The breakfast table is set just as it was for the villagers more than 100 years ago. Back then, almost everything eatable originated from the village’s fields and animals. We kept that tradition and are serving bread, butter, eggs, and honey from Åsen. This way, we can guarantee that the breakfast you eat will taste just like Åsen. There is no better way to start the day!

For who?

This experience suits everyone with an interest in nature, animals and cultural history. It does not require any prior knowledge, but a physical condition to move in hilly terrain is required.

The package includes

  • An English-speaking guide during the activity
  • A guided hike on which wetake care of animals
  • Breakfast, with locally produced ingredients that are connected to the villages history

Make a reservation

This package is available Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1:th of June to 15:th of September  and need to be booked at least 5 days before arrival.  You can make a reservation by sending us an email at

Price: 385 SEK (Kids 3-12 yo 250 SEK)

The breakfast starts 7.45 AM and lasts about 3 hours. 

Small groups for a genuine experience

Our groups consist of 5-10 people, and at most two different companies. We believe that mornings at Åsen, with its beautiful surroundings and community, also provides conditions for good meetings between people.