Rent a cottage in the idyllic Småland

As one of our guests, you’ll step into the history of small-scale farming with old native Swedish breeds on your doorstep in the summer months. The houses are simple with old-fashioned charm. Sit on the steps, let the children run free and enjoy a relaxing morning coffee.

Each house has its own unique history and has been carefully renovated over the years to preserve old details and install new modern facilities, including electricity and water. The rooms are self-catered, but sheets and towels, breakfast and cleaning can be booked, and a shared laundry room is available in Prästgården’s outbuilding. Outside each house there is outdoor furniture. 

The village is a car-free area so children can run freely between the houses, the play barn and the Leket play area, which together with the farm museum, hiking trails and barbecue areas are open all year round. If they’re lucky, they may run into one of the keepers and have a chance to feed the animals. Pets are welcome in all our cottages.



4 rooms, 8 beds
As the Swedish name suggests (The Vicarage), this is where the priests who worked in Haurida parish from the 16th century until the early 20th century used to live. The house is south facing and situated on a high outlook point, with a beautiful view of the village and rolling countryside.

Prästgården has four guest rooms, each with two beds. On the ground floor is a kitchen, shower and shared WC. The guest rooms are located upstairs, where there is also a shower and WC. If necessary a baby bed can be placed in the bedrooms.

Prästgården has a steep stone staircase and there are stairs to the guest rooms but no lift access.


2 rooms, 8 beds

Lillstugan is a wing of Prästgården. This is where the family lived who looked after the animals, cultivation and forest for the priest.

Lillstugan has two guest rooms with four beds each. On the ground floor is a kitchen, shower and shared WC, as well as a guest room with a bunk bed and two single beds. On the attic level is a second guest room with four single beds. Next to it is a connecting room with a TV and sofas. 

There is a step outside Lillstugan. Inside there are high thresholds and stairs to the attic. There is no lift access.


1 room, 2 beds 

Brygghuset was formerly Prästgården’s laundry, but it could also be used to prepare meat after slaughter and for brewing drinks of various kinds. Sometimes the house was also used as accommodation for the farmhand.

Brygghuset is the smallest house in the village, with a combined kitchenette and living room. There are two beds, a TV, shower and WC. If necessary a baby bed can be placed in the bedroom.

There is an access ramp outside Brygghuset. The toilet is adapted for disabled persons.


2 rooms, 8 beds (+4 extra beds when hiring the whole house)

One of the most colourful and important people to have lived in the village was Carl Jönsson. Undantaget was Carl’s ‘pension insurance’. Carl and his wife moved here when their eldest son took over their farm.

Undantaget has two guest rooms, each with two beds. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, shower and shared WC, as well as a guest room. Upstairs is a second guest room and a connecting room with sofa beds and a TV. The extra beds in the connecting room are only used if the whole house is rented.

There is a step outside Undantaget and high thresholds inside. There is a staircase to get to the upper floor.


Rent a cottage

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